Case Studies

CGU Insurance

  • Nationwide installations
  • Complete Network Upgrade – 7000 Shielded Outlets
  • ITT Cannon Cat 5e Shielded Scheme, CW1308 Voice Backbone, Fibre Backbone, Copper Backbone & Communication Cabinets

When CGU insurance decided to upgrade their existing data and voice cabling infrastructure without disrupting normal operations, there was only one company for the job.

Integral was the successful bidder for sub-contract works to refurbish the existing cabling infrastructures of 12 CGU sites, with all work to be completed within a timescale of just three months.

Integral Networks replaced the existing Token Ring cabling infrastructure with an ITT Cannon Category 5e Shielded Solution.

The complete systems consisted of 7,000 RJ45 user outlets, hundreds of diversely run fibre backbones, thousands of Copper Voice Circuits and over 40 communications cabinets.

Our project managers worked closely with CGU staff to ensure the installation of the new system went as smoothly as possible and with minimum disruption to the company.

In the hope of creating as little disruption to the offices as possible, the majority of installation work had to be completed out of hours, with 45 installation engineers working night shifts and over weekends throughout the three month period.

We are proud to say that the project was successfully completed within the tight deadlines we were given.

CGU Insurance has subsequently merged with Norwich Union an Aviva         Company.